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Intro to Beannachar

Rose House through the Autumn Trees

Beannachar is situated in countryside on the edge of Aberdeen, two miles from the city centre. There is a large 19th century house, comprising two house communities (Sycamore and Silver Birch) and two purpose-built houses, Rose and Linden. Further buildings provide workshops for weaving, woodwork, rugmaking, leatherwork, laundry and herb processing, and also additional co-worker accommodation (Rowan and Juniper). A large walled garden, a farm, a sports area and extensive woodland make up the 28 acres of ground.

Main House
The Main House - Sycamore on the Left, Silver Birch on the Right

We are a community of approximately 60 people: 20 students (our residents, who stay for a period of between 2 and 10 years); 18 day students, 14 long-term co-workers; 14 shorter-term co-workers and 4 small children. There are several employed members of the community, including one house co-ordinator, a joiner/maintenance person, an administrator, a secretary, a mending lady, a driver and five employed workshop leaders.

Linden House
Linden House

Aerial View of the Estate

Anthroposophy, as pioneered by Rudolf Steiner, serves as a source of inspiration in the way in which we try to live and work together. It provides a foundation for the care taken in every aspect of our common life, in our mutual relationships and in our environment. It helps us to perceive each member of the community, in every situation and in every encounter, as an individual on a path of learning, and at the same time to recognise and respect that person's freedom, dignity and right to choose. The concern for individual development is balanced by an understanding of the needs and rights of other members, and of the possibilities of the community as a whole.

Hay delivery on the farm

By balancing the elements of work, home life, personal development, social and cultural interaction within Beannachar and in the local surroundings, we attempt to live a meaningful, wholesome and fulfilling life together. The rhythms of the day, the week and the year alternate times of rest with activity, quieter times with high moments, and this can be seen to provide meaning and a sense of security for all members of the community.

Herb garden
Herbs growing in the garden

CONTACT: 01224 861200 or 869250


Beannachar Camphill Community
South Deeside Road
Aberdeen, AB12 5YL

Beannachar is a member of the Association of Camphill Communities