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Beannachar Camphill Community Logo

Contact Information

General Enquiries

For more information on work experience opportunities, trial periods, admissions etc.
contact Elisabeth Phethean

Telephone: 01224 861200,

or E-mail:

(elisabeth at beannachar.org)

Postal Address:

Beannachar Camphill Community,
South Deeside Road,
Banchory Devenick,
AB12 5YL
Scotland UK

Beannachar Community Telephone Numbers

If calling from outside the UK, please replace 01224 prefix with +441224

Hazel Macklin at the Office (open 8.30am-2pm Mon-Fri) Tel/fax: 01224 869250

Herb Sales Tel: 01224 861200

Elisabeth Phethean in Juniper Cottage: 01224 861200

Jim Hornby & Agnes Soo in Rose: 01224 869138 and 869148

Helen Woodhead in Sycamore: 01224 868605

Maren Haeussermann in Silver Birch: 01224 861825

Eszter Nagy Zanathy in Linden: 01224 869645

Office E-mail

(If you can't see any e-mail address links, please make sure java script is enabled.
If this is too much bother, you can e-mail to "elisabeth at beannachar.org", replacing "at" with "@".
We do this to stop people who harvest e-mail addresses to send spam.)