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Herb Workshop

Options for sourcing good quality Herbal Products

Weleda UK supplies a full range of anthroposphical remedies.

Botton Village have been growing, harvesting, drying and supplying medicinal and culinary organic/biodynamic herbs for many years.
They now supply a full range of Herb Teas and Tea Mixtures.
The catalogue and order form is obtainable electronically from Peter Van Vliet at botton.herbs@camphill.org.uk.
Botton Herb Workshop, Botton Village, Danby, Whitby, YO212NJ.
Fax: 01287 660888;
Telephone Messages: 01287 661291
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Have a look at the work of Tobias Oertel in Ireland...... Noinin Herbal Products

Tobias trained with me some years ago, and started making ointments, creams, tinctures, oils etc. in Camphill in Ireland. He is now independent of Camphill and carries on the work using his own-grown organically-certified herbs using very similar methods and formulas to my own. He uses the biodynamic calendar for all sowings, plantings and harvesting of the herbs. He makes small batches of products such as Calendula Ointment, Arnica Ointment, Avocado Rose Cream, Rose Cream, Plantago balsam, Mercurialis Ointment, Symphytum (Comfrey) Ointment, a range of massage oils including Solum Comp oil etc. etc.

Henk and Sibylle Kort 'AVON GORGE HERBS'

Please click here to download/view their product list (29kb Word Document)


Pure Potions for dry skin, eczema etc.

Rutland Biodynamics - tinctures and herbs etc.

Organic Herb Trading - tinctures and herbs etc.

Calendula Lotion: Try Rutland Biodynamics for Biodynamic, fresh plant tincture of Calendula flowers 1:2 in 25% alcohol. (500ml) Very similar to ours, but probably a bit stronger.

Calendula Lotion: Try Organic Herb Trading for similar to above but "Organically-certified" "Marigold" flower tincture (rather than Biodynamic.) (500ml) Note however that this product has a high alcohol content (66%).

Arnica Lotion: Try Organic Herb Trading for Organic, fresh flower tincture of Arnica. Probably stronger than our lotion and higher alcohol strength. (500ml)

Arnica Lotion: Rutland Biodynamics Arnica Tincture is made from dry, Organic Arnica Flowers. (500ml)

Note: In this context, "Lotion" is the same as "Tincture", i.e. extracts of plant in Alcohol. We consider "Fresh" plant tinctures superior to those made from Dry Plants material.

Echinacea Tincture: Rutland Biodynamics Echinacea Tincture (500ml bottles) They also do Thuja tincture.
Also Organic Herb Trading

Valerian Tincture (many tinctures in 500ml bottles) - Organic Herb Trading or Rutland Biodynamics

Dried herb teas such as chamomile, lime blossom, nettle - Botton Village, Organic Herb Trading or Rutland Biodynamics (last 2 minimum 500g)

Arnica and Calendula Ointment: Try Weleda or Tobias at Noinin Herbal Products for these Ointments

Rutland Biodynamics make their own Arnica Cream and Calendula Cream in 500ml pots.

(Note: Ointment usually refers to a more greasy base, whereas a Cream is a lighter, more watery base.)

Urtica/Arnica gel, Ointment and Lotion: Try Weleda or Tobias at Noinin Herbal Products.

Keep coming back to this page and when other options become available, we will post them here.