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Management Structure

All co-workers are expected to contribute actively to the weekly meetings both in the houses and in the community as a whole. Extraordinary meetings are held to turn to particular issues such as festivals, further education, work, money etc. These meetings offer the opportunity for active involvement in all aspects of our common life.

There are 4 groups that are responsible for different aspects of the running of the community: the Beannachar Management Group, the Beannachar Meeting, the House Co-ordinators Group and Work Leaders' Meeting.

These groups are made up from among the more experienced and longer staying co-workers and employees. The close co-operation fostered in these and other meetings, enable a depth of support to be engendered which can be felt on a more personal level.

Every six weeks there is a Management Council Meeting (for Beannachar Ltd.) comprising members from within Beannachar, members from neighbouring Camphill centres and local professionals. This forum provides an essential opportunity to objectify our daily work and to obtain approval and support for our ongoing development as a place, whether in terms of policy or in terms of financial commitments. The council has legal responsibility for the company and particularly for its finances.

Beannachar has representation on the Management Council of Camphill Estates Ltd.; the charitable trust which owns and leases back the properties occupied by several of the Camphill Communities in North East Scotland. Like most other Camphill centres in Scotland, it is also a member of Camphill Scotland: The Association of Camphill Communities (U.K.), and The Association of Curative Education and Social Therapy.

As part of the wider movement of Camphill, different members of the community at Beannachar attend specific regular meetings held between Camphill centres to discuss concerns of common interest and to co-ordinate future policy.


Beannachar is registered with the Care Inspectorate and works actively to maintain standards and to comply with the relevant requirements for health and safety, fire prevention and procedure and quality of care. As part of this process Beannachar has a manual of policies and procedures, approved by its management council, which is continually revised, augmented and updated. All house co-ordinators and workshop leaders are registered with the SSSC and are either already qualified or working towards an appropriate qualification.


Beannachar's insurance cover includes public liability as required by law.


Funding is at present via the students individual DSS benefits, with the balance being met by their local authority social services.