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Work and Training in Beannachar

The needs of the community are met by the joint efforts of all its members, the more able helping the less able to participate. In this way each person finds satisfaction and meaning through experiencing their own contribution within the context of the whole - work is experienced not only as a discipline and a training of one's own abilities, but also as a source of joy and fulfilment, helping to develop confidence and a sense of belonging.


There are work sessions most days from 9.30 - 12.30 and 2.30 till 5.00, with a tea break mid-way through each session. Most people work in one setting in the morning and another in the afternoon.

Work is seen as a training situation, and the progress of each student is regularly monitored on an individual level. Changes of placement occur twice a year in order to give everyone a variety of work experience, and the needs, wishes and abilities of each student are carefully considered when making up the work teams. A distinction can be seen here between those who have come to Beannachar more recently, who are given the opportunity to experience all the different workshops, and those who have been here for several years, who have built up certain skills and may wish to specialise in a particular workshop activity.

Kitchen and Laundry Work

Co-workers and students alike thus see that three meals arrive on our tables each day and that the kitchens and larders are kept clean and tidy and well stocked. A team works in the laundry and does the washing and ironing for the whole community.

Weavery (Weaving Workshop)

Those working in the various craft workshops produce goods for use within Beannachar, for presents and for sale.

Wood Workshop

Leather Workshop

Rugmaking Workshop

Rug made by Gemma. Do you recognise Beannachar House names? Linden, Rowan, Juniper, Rose, Silver Birch, Sycamore.

Herb Garden

A herb garden team is involved in growing and harvesting herbs.

Chopping Herbs

Farm, Estate and Garden Work

A number of people work on the farm, on the estate or in the vegetable garden.

Training for Students

Training and personal development for every individual is a central element of the ethos of Beannachar and of its daily life.

For the students, work, home life and leisure time offer numerous opportunities for personal and social training.